About us

The Verlag Hof Elfental is a very young publisher that was founded in April 2020 as a self-publisher of the Academy of 12 Heart Sciences.

Our publishing house is still very young and in the process of being established, closely following the path of the Academy of the 12 Heart Sciences, which deals with the philosophy of being human.

Both are subordinate to Hof Elfental GmbH, which is managed by the owner and managing director Corinne Dettmer.

Out of the endeavor to anchor and record the knowledge and insights of the work at the academy, as well as to develop it further and thus to supplement and complete it, the desire arose for a literature that should function as a textbook.

This work is now available and will be the start of our publishing house. Of course, more books will follow, are being planned or are already in the works.

We would also like to encourage third-party authors, if you are writing or have already completed a book that corresponds to the subject of the philosophy of life, the human condition or the feeling in us, to contact us or to send in a meaningful extract from your work.