Our authors

Corinne Dettmer is a therapist and coach in private practice. For more than 15 years she has been treating and accompanying sick and seriously ill people into healing. Her greatest interest has always been medicine and the meaning of our lives. Through her experiences she redefined our emotions and needs and wrote these insights about our human FEELING and BEING in her first book: "The 12 Commandments of the Heart" (©2020), which was also published in English in 2021.

Guided by the desire to answer the human question about one' s destiny and to let one's soul and body heal, she founded the "Academy of the 12 Sciences of the Heart®" in 2019. Here she teaches as a lecturer and coach the philosophy of our feeling and being. In a clear structure, she shows the way back to humanity and lets people find their way in their search for the purpose of their life.

The teaching of heart science goes back to ancient archaic principles and finds its purpose in our human BEING. It explains when and why our aliveness freezes and at which point our feeling is lost. This philosophical medicine, anchored in nature through our hearts, gives us our roots and the pulsation of life. It is able to heal all illnesses by the human being finding, acknowledging and taking his place in life.

The author's philosophy is practical, human and revolutionary, born from the medical work in her practice. With great sensitivity she looks at the construct of man and creates a picture of our heart, in which our emotions and feelings find their purpose and structure.

The philosophy of: "The 12 Commandments of the Heart" (2020 ©) lies in life itself.

Corinne Dettmer lives with her family in touch with nature in the middle of meadows and forests on her small farm in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.