The 12 Commandments of the Heart (English Version)

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The way back to being human is a big challenge for all of us, because we have lost ourselves on our life journey. "Functioning at any price" is in the forefront. We strive for perfectionism, want to be perfect in accordance with a social image that has no weaknesses. Fulfilling all parameters like a machine, achieving the superhuman and blending out, suppressing, not allowing feelings - in order not to destroy the desired perfection - that characterizes the spirit of the times in our society.  But what does it mean to be HUMAN? What defines the HUMAN BEING? Are we still able to feel or are we merely empty shells, puppets that have a functional purpose?

What is the meaning of our life and are we at all still living? What actually constitutes liveliness?

In a clear and loving way, the author shows you what strengths and potentials lie dormant in you, how it is possible to reactivate your own feelings and, together with you, your gut feeling, and how you are able to recognize your own self-worth and (re)find self-love within yourself. She guides us through cognitive processes into the loving contact with ourselves and thus also into the possibility of unconditional love.

Corinne Dettmer is the founder of the Academy of the 12 Heart Sciences, where she offers awareness training on the 12 Commandments. The author works as a therapist, coach and lecturer in her own practice, where she has been working for more than 10 years with sick and seriously ill patients to help open up their consciousness and activate their vitality, paving the way to humanity and experiencing many wonderful healings.

"My goal is for you to return to your personal development with love and curiosity and full of gratitude for this life, to accept your life unconditionally and to experience in full, the joy of life, that you are given...!